Our Mission

Uranium One is an international group of companies, part of TENEX (an organization of ROSATOM), and one of the world’s largest uranium producers with a diverse portfolio of assets worldwide, including in Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Namibia, etc.

Aiming at developing the foreign mineral reserve base, Uranium One executes promising non-uranium projects, incl. extraction of nonferrous metals, rare and rare earth elements (lithium, cobalt, etc.).

Uranium One actively develops new business activities in the area of low-carbon energy and renewables, incl. biofuel supplies.

As a socially responsible company, Uranium One is committed to the highest environmental standards, health and safety of its employees, and long-term sustainability of the diverse communities across the globe, in which it operates.

Uranium One and ROSATOM


Uranium One is included in the management network of TENEX (an organization of ROSATOM). Uranium One is responsible for ROSATOM’s uranium production outside the Russian Federation and is the world’s fourth-largest uranium producer.

ROSATOM, a world leader in nuclear technologies, provides cutting-edge industry solutions and comprehensive nuclear services that range from uranium mining, enrichment and fuel fabrication to nuclear power generation and waste treatment.

ROSATOM is the only company in the world providing an integrated offering to international customers. This includes not only the construction of nuclear power plants (NPP’s), but also the development of nuclear infrastructure, the provision of nuclear project funding solutions, local personnel training, equipment production localization, guaranteed fuel supplies for the entire life-cycle of an NPP, maintenance, spent nuclear fuel reprocessing and management and comprehensive solutions for the decommissioning of an NPP. ROSATOM ensures long-term sustainable national nuclear system development and provides custom solutions for newcomers to the nuclear power industry.

For Suppliers

Corporate Values


Each of us bears personal responsibility for his/her work product to the State, sector, colleagues and customers. We set for ourselves the most stringent requirements and expectations, and aim to exceed them. Performance is measured by results.


Safety is our first priority. We put the absolute safety of our employees, those living in the communities in which we operate and the environment above all else. We adhere to the most stringent international safety standards, and have zero tolerance for violations.


We treat all of our customers, partners and suppliers with equal respect. We always listen attentively and respect the broader history and traditions of the nuclear industry. The achievements of the past inspire and inform new accomplishments.


We seek and always find the most effective solutions and most efficient ways of approaching everything we do. We protect the company’s resources and are committed to continuously improving work processes across the company.


We strive to be the leader in the global energy market. We seek to remain one step ahead of our peers in technology, knowledge and the professionalism of our employees. We anticipate tomorrow by preparing today. We are constantly advancing and learning, working every day to be better than yesterday.


Working in a team yields better operational results. Together we are stronger and can more quickly achieve our most ambitious goals. The success of one employee is a win for the entire team.


Corporate Governance

Uranium One is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. This commitment is reflected in the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Whistleblower Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy, as well as in the charters of its Board of Directors and the Committees of the Board. All directors, officers and employees of Uranium One, its subsidiaries and controlled entities are subject to the Code, the Whistleblower Policy and the Anti-Corruption Policy. They are required to be familiar with their terms and are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance. The code, the policies and the charters are reviewed and updated regularly by the Board of Directors, with a view toward keeping pace with evolving rules, regulations and corporate governance practices.

More detailed information about Uranium One Inc. corporate governance policies and practices is contained in the following documents:

Policies and Procedures

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