Corporate Social Responsibility


At all of its operations, Uranium One works hard to ensure that it has the trust and support of the communities in which it operates. Strong and enduring stakeholder and community relationships are secured through a wide variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and programs developed in consultation with local communities, non-governmental organizations, government authorities and other stakeholders.

Areas of CSR focus reflect the specific needs of the communities in which Uranium One operates. Generally, the company seeks to promote and support community development initiatives to improve local education and health care funding and resources. This includes: recruitment and training programs to maximize the employment and skills development of local residents; business development initiatives to promote the availability and quality of local service and material providers; infrastructure projects to improve local roads; and equipping and improving schools and health care clinics and environmental initiatives to protect, enhance and conserve local ecosystems, environments and wildlife resources.

Uranium One Group Supplier Code of Conduct

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