Uranium One is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all who work at, visit or live near its facilities. This is a core value for the company and we take pride in our strong record on employee and contractor health and safety.

All of Uranium One’s operations meet or exceed federal, state and local health and safety requirements. Company-wide performance on health and safety is carefully tracked and monitored at the senior leadership level and regularly reported to the Board of Directors.

The commitment to health and safety extends beyond our employees to the communities that neighbor our sites around the world. Environmental and social impact issues, which may affect indigenous peoples, local landholders and other stakeholders in the communities in which we operate, are always among our most important priorities.

Health, Safety & Environment

Uranium One follows a strict internal system of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Protection standards. These standards form the basis of a tailored HSE management program, which is developed for every site where Uranium One operates.

All of the company’s mines maintain standards and provide reports on an ongoing basis, measuring performance against key HSE indicators (both leading and lagging). The information in these reports is carefully tracked and monitored at the senior leadership level and reported to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Uranium One continually looks to improve the health and safety standards of its operations. The company regularly audits the safety, health and environmental conditions at its facilities, identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes where appropriate, with a strong focus on critical hazards and risk mitigation.

Stringent safeguards against radiation apply at all Uranium One operations. All employees and contractors are monitored for alpha radiation and personal dosimeters are worn to measure exposure to gamma radiation. Best hygiene practices to avoid cross-contamination are mandatory. Routine monitoring of air, dust and surface contamination is also undertaken.

At the industry level, Uranium One is a leader in the effort to develop high global health, safety and environment standards for uranium mining. Alongside other major uranium producers, Uranium One is working to develop best practices that reduce radon risk, create a system of sustainable development indicators and promote industry adherence to the World Nuclear Association’s Uranium Mining Standards Policy.

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