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Uranium One Enters Italian Biofuel Market

November 16, 2020

Uranium One (a company of ROSATOM State Corporation) carried out the first shipment of wood pellets to an Italian consumer company. The vessel delivered over 3 thousand tons of the product.

“The Italian solid biofuel market is showing stable growth,” said Andrey Shutov, President of Uranium One. “We aim to further strengthen the cooperation with our Italian customers. The second shipment is expected in December”.

In 2019, Uranium One obtained international certificates necessary to enter the European biofuel market: the FSC certificate confirming compliance with the requirements for responsible management and handling of wood products, and the SBP certificate confirming energy efficient and sustainable production of biomass products.

The company’s order portfolio for 2021 is 60 thousand tons. Uranium One is currently executing the contracts worth of over 5 million euros.

For references:

Biofuel trading is a new promising business stream of Uranium One developed within the framework of ROSATOM’s overall strategy on the development of low-carbon energy and renewables.

The production of solid wood biofuel only uses logging and woodworking waste, such as sawdust, wood chips, thin trunks and branches of trees; this promotes responsible use of forest resources.

The household sector is the end consumer of Russian wood pellets in Italy, as the regional partners distribute the product. Italian private households use approx. 1 million boilers fired by wood biomass. For example, in Germany there are five times less of such boilers in use.

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